"Satterfield Renzenbrink Associates adds tremendous value to the recruiting process by really understanding the needs of the business and the culture of the company to find the best possible match. Personally, Dick Satterfield not only helped me land my initial role at Kao, but has continued to be an important mentor during my career the last 20+ years."
-Karen Frank
President, CEO
Kao Brands Co.

A Compensation Negotiation Strategy

How to reach a win-win agreement

Key principles are:

  1. Both company and candidate need to sincerely try to understand the other's needs, desires and limitations.
    • Prioritize compensation components - for both parties
      • Know where to try to have flexibility
  2. Companies need to set broad compensation expectations early in the recruiting process
    • "Broad" is a key word here - don't get too caught up in compensation details early - this is about finding balance in the process.
  3. ALWAYS have a negotiating intermediary (your recruiting firm).
    • Fastest way to win-win.
    • On rare occasions, we've actually just negotiated deals (not recruited the person).
      • Firm Close Rate = 85%+ (on offers extended)