"Satterfield Renzenbrink Associates works hard to understand both client and candidates early in the process...that really helped us later to quickly get to a win/win offer with top quality candidates."
-Bill Gentner
President & CEO
Kao Brands Company

A Compensation Negotiation Strategy

How to reach a win-win agreement

Key principles are:

  1. Both company and candidate need to sincerely try to understand the other's needs, desires and limitations.
    • Prioritize compensation components - for both parties
      • Know where to try to have flexibility
  2. Companies need to set broad compensation expectations early in the recruiting process
    • "Broad" is a key word here - don't get too caught up in compensation details early - this is about finding balance in the process.
  3. ALWAYS have a negotiating intermediary (your recruiting firm).
    • Fastest way to win-win.
    • On rare occasions, we've actually just negotiated deals (not recruited the person).
      • Firm Close Rate = 85%+ (on offers extended)