"I've worked with Satterfield Renzenbrink Associates for several years, as a candidate and having retained their services for numerous searches. Without question, they are one of the top executive search firms with whom I've worked with in my 20 years of marketing. They understand the needs of both the client and candidate, and at all times, drive the search process forward professionally with a single goal of success ... placing a candidate who will be successful for years to come. In addition to their years of experience in the sales and marketing executive ranks and producing results, it's also just nice to work with them."
-Scott Rogers
President North American Consumer, Goodyear

Doing Your Part: Help Us Learn About You

Your Resume

Developing a quality resume is a strong investment in your career. Keep your resume current: It is important to keep an accurate, written summation of your background and accomplishments.

Your resume should be a well written, logical and easy-to-follow document. It should tell a story. Your ability to present yourself well in writing is an indication of your ability to excel in the workplace. Progression within a company is a strong indicator of your capabilities and productivity. We will review your experience, the kinds of companies you've worked for, your assignments. While there are many ways to format a resume, it is always critical to be specific about dates, particularly graduation dates, and tenure at companies. If there are lags in sequences, many career moves or if something requires explanation, do so in a cover note. We prefer to receive a formatted resume (Word document) attached to an Email introductory letter.

Your Parameters

It is tremendously valuable for you to be able to articulate your goals to help us to identify the right opportunity for you. Please be straightforward about your search parameters and requirements. Giving us this information saves considerable time and builds trust in our relationship. Specifically, let us know what limitations there are in your search. Limitations may range from geographical issues, to market size, industries, company culture, timing with childrens' schooling, etc.

Be honest with us about your current compensation: clients often ask for verification of earnings. Make sure we know about timing of bonus payouts, expected stock, etc. in your current situation, as this can often influence negotiations. We also need to know your financial expectations in making a move.

Lastly, take the time to practice your interviewing skills aloud so you can succinctly but completely relate your background. Candidates often spend considerable time on resumes, but tend to overlook preparation for the interview. It is important to learn as much as possible about the company with which you will be speaking. It is also critical to be able to review your own background and accomplishments as they relate to the new position. Once we believe your experience is a good fit with our client, our role is to help you position yourself and to be a sounding board and coach, preparing you for the interview.

We look forward to developing a long term relationship with you.