"(As a candidate) I received personal attention and tremendous follow-up throughout the recruiting process. I always felt Satterfield Renzenbrink Associates was working as hard for me as he working for the company. Now as a client, I feel they are representing our company's best interests - they really create wins for both candidates and clients."
-Matt Wineinger
President, United Sugars

Why You Need A Search Firm: How We Can Help

Working with Recruiters

We understand that it is difficult during the course of a busy day to accept and return calls from recruiting professionals. Still, we strongly recommend that you invest the necessary planning and time to create your own network of search professionals. Such a network will be invaluable to you over the course of your career. Try to build a network of several recruiters who are truly committed to the practice, and to you, over the long-term. This includes both national and boutique firms.

Benefits of a Recruiter Network

Retained Recruiters often have exclusive "distribution rights" to most of the career opportunities that you will seek. The best way to ensure your chance to consider, and to be considered for, these opportunities is to develop relationships with your recruiter network. Recruiters are helpful in many ways as you face the challenges within your organization. They can help you address such issues as when and how to ask for an increase in compensation, how to convey your development needs to move ahead in the organization you are in, and other issues of importance. We do far more than just move people around to make a living. We'd much rather you succeed where you are and become a client, rather than a candidate.

Building Your Network

Keep these questions in mind when deciding which recruiters you'll be placing on your networking list:

  • Do they understand who you are and what you need to achieve career satisfaction?
  • Do they call you with opportunities that reflect your individual set of professional and personal interests?
  • Do they represent clients who are recognized as leaders or clients who are committed to becoming leaders?
  • Do they challenge you in your career assumptions and expectations, based on their expertise and industry perspective?
  • Do they convey a genuine interest in your success?

Our Operating Principles

While we work contractually for our clients, we also make a commitment to candidates to provide them the best career counseling possible, based on our mutual understanding and definition of career goals and expectations. We believe in creating mutually beneficial long term relationships with candidates. Our approach with candidates ultimately means a better fit with our client and the potential for longer retention once placed. Candidates should expect the following from Satterfield Renzenbrink Associates:

  • Qualified Opportunities

    We invest significant resources at the beginning of each assignment to ensure the industry, client and position truly offer the right candidates an excellent opportunity to grow and be rewarded. As an extension of our clients, we want to represent companies and career opportunities that are truly unique, exciting, challenging, and not just the "same old thing."
  • Understanding Your Needs

    Whether we are meeting you for the first time or have known you for years, we listen carefully to what you want in your next opportunity. We would never recommend that anyone look into a position that does not fit with his or her goals. Our style is to share the opportunity - both short-and long-term - and then let the candidate decide if he/she wants to explore it further.
  • Honesty and Integrity

    We function with the highest integrity and candor, and we assume that candidates will function in the same manner with us. We respect confidentiality and recognize the trust that you as a candidate place with us concerning your search parameters and careers. Similarly, we appreciate and respect the confidentiality of candidate referrals.
  • Responsiveness

    We try to return all candidates' calls. As a retained firm, however, we have an obligation each day to identify and work with candidates who match the skills and experiences of our current portfolio of client assignments.