"Satterfield Renzenbrink Associates did a fantastic job of summarizing and articulating the vision for our portfolio company. By understanding the real needs of the business, they were able to find candidates that were ideally suited to the opportunity. Hands down, this is one of the most professional firms with whom I have worked. The team at Satterfield Renzenbrink Associates developed a very strong rapport with the board and Company's management team to find the right candidate. The follow through was outstanding."
-John Robinson
Operating Partner
Sequel Holdings

Our Search Process

Our approach to identifying the right person for your organization includes a very effective six step process involving in-depth preparation, research and interviewing before you, the client, spend time interviewing. As a result of this level of preparation, you will need to see fewer candidates to select the right one.

Our approach entails the following key steps with a specific objective and outcome for each step.

Orientation Meet with key client executives to discuss corporate vision, culture and outline an "Opportunity Profile."
Role Description Interview key executives to identify key skills and success characteristics and develop a role description.
Candidate Contact Develop strategic lists of prospects and suppliers of prospects; pique interest, follow-up with initial "sell" package.
S R A Interview Phone interviews for some candidates and in-person interviews with final candidates (following agreed to interview organizer to yield well screened candidates)
Site Visit -- Interview Candidate visits, meets key executives for interviews.
Closing S R A recommend compensation package and follow-up with candidate to close.